Florida Man June 27 brings us all the wackiness we have come to expect from the sunshine state. Check it out if it's your b-day.

Florida Man June 27: Watermelon War

Florida Man June 27 brings us all the wackiness we have come to expect from the sunshine state.

Florida Man is quite the exciting moniker. People from all over the state have earned the title for doing some of the weirdest things imaginable.

Some of them we wouldn’t have been able to imagine either. Take a look at some of those odd stories from Florida man on June 27.


Florida Man June 27 : Mad At Watermelon Employees

On June 27th a Florida man was at a watermelon packing shed to pick up a load of watermelons when he got into an argument with the dock manager and owner.

The Florida Man couldn’t be reasoned with and was asked to leave. Instead of going, the Florida Man grabbed his gun from his truck and threatened to kill the employees at the watermelon packing facility.

Florida Man probably should have made sure the facility wasn’t armed first. The packing facility owner had a shotgun, which he fired into the ground in an attempt to deter Florida Man from doing anything stupid.

Florida Man got in his truck to run but not before firing rounds out his window as he drove away.

Police arrested Florida Man for aggravated assault.

Florida Man June 27 : Unmasked Florida Man at Costco.

A Florida man decided he was going to go into Costco without a mask on. The store required face coverings in the building at all times.

When an older woman politely asked Florida Man to put his mask on, the man began yelling at her like crazy.

Employees reported the incident to the police, but it doesn’t appear like they are going to pursue any kind of charges.

However, Florida Man’s company fired him for his behavior.

June 27th Another Florida Man Zombie

On June 27th a Florida Man who was high on drugs as usual. However, on this day he decided that it would be a great idea to eat another man’s face off. He had gnawed off half of a homeless man’s face before anyone tried to intervene. The police found him and shot him. Florida Man died from the shooting.

If you have read enough of our stories, you know that this isn’t too uncommon for Florida Man.

Can’t Quit.

On June 27 Florida Man was arrested on another charge and sitting in jail when he thought it would be a great idea to try and get his revenge.

He decided to mail a letter to the courthouse he was arraigned at for his revenge. The letter was full of white powder and a note saying the chemicals would kill everyone.

The law takes white powders in envelopes very seriously for those who don’t know. Officials evacuated the courthouse and several blocks around it. 

Bad news for Florida Man, mail to and from jails isn’t too hard to track. Investigators quickly tracked down Florida Man and charged him with another crime. He pled guilty to the crime.


These stories go to show you how stupid Florida Man can be.

These aren’t the only tales of Florida Man we have. Make sure to check out some of the other days in history that we have covered.

If you don’t see a date that you would like to know about, leave your request in the comments below.

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