Dream Face Reveal: Is It Finally Happening?

Dream Face Reveal: Is It Finally Happening?

Dream has been talking about a face reveal for so long. But is the dream face reveal finally happening on Twitter?

Before the hyping trend of virtual YouTubers, some already took the step to keep their profiles anonymous.

Some only show parts of their body, while some decided to use an avatar to cover their true identity.

Dream is one of the most successful YouTubers. He is known for his smiley face avatar and his Minecraft content. When you’re looking at a smiley emoji, it’s Dream.

While they require more Minecraft content, they also want Dream to do one thing: a face reveal.

Years and years of anonymity has made everyone feel intrigued about his true identity.

Some even went mad to the point that they created a new picture using other people’s photographs and claimed it to be Dreams face reveal.

Dream face leak and dox started to flood the internet with one goal to seek the truth.


Where it Began

Dream has been streaming Minecraft content for years now. It started back in 2019 and still continues. He created his last video three months ago, entitled “Minecraft 100 Floor Survival…”.

Dream has 29.5 M subscribers and tons more on Twitter and Instagram, and most of them still want to see his natural face.

The journey and the whole face reveal story began in 2014 when Dream created his channel for the first time. Five years later, in 2019, he began to upload Minecraft videos consistently and quickly.

Since the game became somewhat of a trend then, Dream successfully gained millions of subscribers through his effort.

In 2020 he already gained 10 M subscribers, which has continued to increase.

With this considerable fanbase and new subscribers who don’t know about the Dream’s true identity, the curiosity has become somewhat extreme.

Over the years, people have been creating rumors, dream face leaks, and getting information through doxing, although most of this clearly isn’t clearly true.

Who Is Dream?

Dream is known as one of the most famous American YouTubers. He focuses on creating Minecraft videos.

People say Minecraft is one game you can always play for eternity.

Seeing the increasing popularity and the growing number of Minecarf’s fanbase, many Youtubers have successfully grabbed the opportunity by creating videos about Minecraft alone.

The Dream’s personal identity is always kept a secret. To the point that even his friends don’t want to mention it.

Karl Jacobs, one of the famous individuals from MrBeast‘s team, said that Dream’s real name is Clay. Karl posted on Twitter, showing a picture of Dream’s contact saved as Clay Dream.

The Fans’ Response To The Dream Face Reveal

A picture of one man’s face that’s claimed to be Dream’s made fans go crazy.

The image wasn’t something pleasurable to look at and indeed far away from the people’s expectations.

Not long after, the fans started bashing the account that uploaded the picture, saying it wasn’t true, fake, etc.

Responding to this image said to be a Dream face leak, Dream stated on his personal Twitter account that the picture wasn’t him.

He also added how judgmental people can be. He noted that it was a very shameful act to body-shame random people they didn’t even know and said this action is idiotic, gross, and harmful.

To close the statement, he said positively that the platform (Twitter) can be a wild place to be when everyone can easily spread hatred.

So, he advised everyone to stay humble and spread love as much as possible.

Doxing and Leaks

The curiosity became somewhat toxic and harmful when some people claimed to dox him and reveal his address. Doxxing is beyond destructive and an act that could potentially hurt the YouTuber in reality.

The twitter dream face reveal that turned out to be fake has made some people decide to take their fake doxing to an extreme.

The doxing started when Dream uploaded a picture of his kitchen using an alternate account on Twitter. The toxic people, known as the troll group, started looking for his actual address by identifying the picture.

They found the house and successfully caused panic amongst the fans. In response, Dream deleted his post and provided no further explanation or comments.

Some fans stated that the doxing started months earlier but most didn’t realize what was happening. This kind of activity is unnecessary and should be avoided as much as possible.

Will Dream Finally Reveal His Face?

The reality of the Dream face reveals has become somewhat of a big blur at some point. The fans get even crazier at every fake reveal video. I can’t wait to see what will happen.

Although we can’t see or understand something related to the face reveal, according to fans, Dream will reveal his face in 2022.

We’ve gone past the half of the year now, so maybe it is something worth waiting for at the end of the year.

Dream Face Reveal

Final Thoughts

Despite all the things happening around Dream, we can’t argue that he’s one of the most famous and impactful YouTubers.

His content is loved by his fans and the Minecraft community. The game isn’t going to end soon as long as YouTubers like Dream are still on the platform.

With the newest updates and features of the game, the game’s popularity can be prolonged for God knows how long.

If you feel curious about it, you can probably wait till the end of the year, although for now, it’s still a rumor. Rumors are rumors, so keep your expectations low.

While the YouTuber himself doesn’t want to share anything about his personal identity, let’s be respectful of his decision by not doxing or bringing any harm by revealing his address, personal credentials, etc.

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