Florida Man September 19

Florida Man September 19 – The Deranged Defecator

Florida Man September 19 brings us two more crazy tales of our favorite failure.

From defecating on a neighbor’s property to a crime spree in a flea market, all seems possible for Florida Man.

Do you want to see Florida Man’s absurdity and randomness on September 19? See the full stories right below:


Florida Man September 19, 2021 – Naked Florida man Arrested for Defecating on His Neighbor’s Glass Table on Their Porch.

Clearwater, Florida. – Police arrested A Florida man shortly after they found him defecating on the neighbor’s glass table.

The man here is Kenneth Clark Carlyle, age 64. Witnesses saw Carlyle relieving himself on a very unusual evening in Clearwater, Florida.

Police have still not figured out a motive for the absurd crime. However, separate cameras caught the grotesque act on video.

The day after the incident, officers arrested Carlyle for the crime on the previous day. Officers took him to the county jail and held the Florida man. 

To make things worse, when officers arrived on the scene, Carlyle was seen naked through the door of his RV and was very uncooperative.

However, this wasn’t the first time Carlyle faced a criminal charge. Previously, he had been dealing with other charges three months earlier.

For example, police arrested him for Drunk driving and possession of multiple firearms a month before.

Police also arrested the Florida man for firing a weapon from his car, which is only 1,000 feet away from nearby homes.

When the officers approached him, he drove off straight to his house. He was still under the influence when the car was found later in the yard. 

Upon further investigation, the police found firearms and multiple bullet casings lying on the floor.

Officers then arrested Carlyle and charged him with possession of weapons, discharge of the guns, and driving under the influence. However, the court released him under an $11,500 bond. 

Florida Man September 19, 2020 – Naked Florida man Arrested After Bizarre Crime Spree in Escambia County.

Escambia County, Florida.: On September 19, Police arrested a Florida man for exposing himself at the flea market and various other criminal acts before escaping arrest by Escambia County deputies.

The first call about Lahorace Pickett, the 23-year-old Florida man, came in at around 11.15 am. This is when he did his first criminal act in a diner inside the flea market.

Witnesses spotted him jumping onto a coin machine and reportedly kicking and hitting it afterward. 

Then, he jumped into a person’s shoulders and attacked the worker behind the counter. He grabbed and punched her when she attempted to push him away.

Witnesses later chased him out of the place, and he went to the nearby parking lot. There he stripped naked and stole a vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man always brings us the unexpected. When it comes to crimes, he can do all the unimaginable things we thought weren’t possible.

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