Florida man june 9

Florida Man June 9

Florida man June 9 is full of weird and wild stories of our favorite weirdo. No matter where you are in the world, you have likely heard of the crazy things that happen in Florida.

One of my favorite internet trends is looking up what Florida Man has done on your birthday. Today we are going to take a look at what Florida Man did on June 9. If June 9 is your birthday, keep reading to see how Florida man spent your birthday.


Florida Man June 9 – Racking Up Charges

One thing Florida Man can do well is racking up charges, but even this Florida Man has us left in surprise. Florida man stripped naked at a flea market, stole a car, and continued to commit crimes as he continued for an hour-long drive. Within that hour, he had 19 charges.

Some of his crimes include assault on a coin machine, kissing an elderly woman, and jumping on people’s shoulders.

One of the weirdest things was that Florida Man was initially armed. He had a weapon with him that he left behind when he stripped all of his clothes. He stole the car and did everything else without a weapon.

Florida Man June 9 – The Cool Dad

In Florida, it isn’t uncommon to see some cool cars. Sometimes even fast cars. But it isn’t common to see a 12-year-old racing down the street. On June 9th, Florida Man though thought that would be a great idea.

Florida Man wanted to be a cool dad and decided that he was going to let his daughter drive. He didn’t just want to let her drive, though. He let her drive at high rates of speed. The vehicle reached speeds of 85 miles per hour in a 45.

Not only did “cool dad” think that it would be a great idea to let his daughter speed, but he also let her do so in an SUV. Not even a “cool” car. Police officers arrested the man after they spotted them and pulled them over.

Police also charged the Florida man with causing a minor to become delinquent because he bought his daughter vape pens.

Final Thoughts

History is full of days when Florida man got into some nonsense. June 9th is only one of many of those days. Keep reading some of the other days we have covered for Florida Man. You will surely get a kick out of some of the things you read.

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