Florida Man September 2

Florida Man September 2

There are so many things that happened on September 2 for Florida Man. From the stories that are hilarious to one that is a lot darker. See the full stories below: 


Florida Man September 2, 2016 – Florida Man Arrested After Using Wanted Poster for Facebook Profile Picture

STUART, Florida, – Police arrested a Florida man because he was using his own wanted poster for his Facebook profile picture. Surely, it’s not a charming photo you would want to put on a social media platform.

An officer from Stuart Police Department posted a screenshot of Mack Yearwood’s Facebook profile picture, which is basically his Wanted of The Week poster.

As we all may have expected, the police used the picture to check his identity. The police learned that he was the suspect of a recently reported disturbance that happened the previous Monday. Police arrested the man shortly after.

They searched and apprehended Yearwood on Tuesday, and a bag of marijuana just fell out of his pocket during the process. Based on the police documents, Officers arrested Yearwood due to two accounts of battery and the additional charge for cannabis possession (under 20 grams). 

Florida Man September 2, 2015 – Florida Man Was Arrested for Showing His Private Parts in Public

PALM BEACH, Fla. – On September 2 police arrested a Florida man for exposing his private organs at Burger King.

Witness told an official that see-saw Jeggerson King, a 33-year-old Florida Man exposed his private parts in a Burger King restaurant in West Palm Beach on September 2, 2015.

The woman in distress also mentioned that she asked him about what he was doing. He simply answered, “What? I’m playing with my penis!”

Realizing the abnormal situation, the manager came in asking King to leave the place immediately. He, however, refused and continued doing what he was doing. Employes then called the police.

King told the officers that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Due to his indecent exposure, officers took him to the Palm Beach County jail and charged him with indecent exposure.

Florida Man September 2, 2020 – Florida Man Accused of Killing A Iguana Tried to Use The ‘Stand your ground Law’

LAKE WORTH, Fla. – On September 2 a judge denied the stand your ground law defense in a case between a Florida man and an iguana.

Prosecutors accused PJ Nilaja Patterson for the killing of a 3-foot iguana. The animal later died despite the huge effort done to save it.

Petterson and his attorneys moved to dismiss the charge. However, Judge Jeffrey Gillen refused the motion.

The attorneys came up with a story that Patterson was merely trying to save the iguana from the passing cars.

When he wanted to bring it to a safer place, the animal bit his right arm. He then later reported to he “kicked the iguana as far as he could”.

Their intent was to use the stand your ground law against the accusation. The law says that using such force to prevent death in harmful situations is necessary.

The attorneys later pointed out the iguana that tried to bite their client’s arm first. 

However, all the trouble was finally solved with video evidence. The video showed a 32-minute sequence that shows all that happened.

Patterson basically slandered the poor animal, although the iguana didn’t do anything to him. There are no justifications for this kind of action, as stated by Assistant State Attorney Alexandra Dorman.

This evidence helped convict Patterson on charges of animal cruelty. 

Final Thoughts

September 2 is indeed a funny, but also a tragic day. The stories surrounding Florida Man once again surprised us with how unpredictable Florida man can be.

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