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Florida Man May 3 – A Smoking Crime

Florida man May 3 has it all, from stabbing to smoking. There’s no slowing down Florida man. From the wildest to the weirdest reasons, Florida man will make sure that he seizes the day! 

We’re on the third day of the month, but the stories keep coming. Enjoy these two tales for your daily dose of Florida man.


Florida Man May 3, 2017 – Wanted to Slit the Throat of Co-Worker for Calling His GF a Hooker

Treasure Island, Florida; Florida man’s girlfriend was called a hooker by a workmate, so he wanted to slit his throat.

A 35-year-old from St. Petersburg, Christopher Diamond, wasn’t happy about the comment of his co-worker about his girlfriend. 

According to an arrest report, the two worked together last May 3 at 8 PM, when Diamond stuck a knife on Dylan Cook’s face.

The two haven’t spoken with each other for quite some time. 

Witnesses reported that a few weeks ago, Diamond grabbed Cook by the neck, but no complaint was filed to the police at the time. 

Cook has a wound on the left side of his face and his hand from defending himself. 

Diamond also stabbed him in the back. The blade got stuck in his body when the knife’s handle broke.

Diamond managed to escape from the scene. However, police found him shortly. He was hiding in his girlfriend’s backyard when police arrested him.

He was brought to Pinellas County Jail with first-degree attempted murder and felony battery for kicking a man. He’s on a bail of $105,000.

Florida Man May 3, 2019 – Invited an Officer to Smoke a Bowl of Weed with Him

Bunnell, Florida; A Florida man decided to show his marijuana plant to a policeman and invited the officer to smoke a bowl with him.

Deputies arrived on the East Coast of Florida between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach in the town of Bunnell for an unrelated incident. 

They saw a man wearing a blue speedo and a button-down shirt. They also noticed he was smoking pot when they arrived. The officer identified the man as Arthur Sarracino.

Sarracino called the deputies over to show them a 2-foot-tall marijuana plant. They reported that he was very proud of his work and even offered them a taste.

The police officer asked him if he was growing plants because in Florida, smoking is allowed but growing on a property isn’t.

When the officers asked for his marijuana card, he claimed that he was still working on getting it.

“I thought it would be easy going to California and learning how to grow pot. The Indica strain, the Sativa strain… and oh boy, you’re looking right as the smallest crystal… you gotta smoke a bowl with me, please”, were the words of Carracino to the officers.

He left and got a pipe because he was ready to share it with the officers. He then realized that it was around 2:45 AM and needed a Starbucks coffee.

Sarracino wasn’t allowed to get his coffee because the police officers arrested him for growing marijuana in Florida.

A Flagler County Sheriff officer was wearing a body cam and recorded the incident.

Final Thoughts

One Florida man was offended. He got into a lot of trouble defending his loved ones’ honor. On the other hand, another Florida man just wanted to share his work of art. Unfortunately, it had to be an officer. 

If you love hearing about Florida man’s wild antics, check out my other posts. If you want to see what kind of trouble Florida man got into on your birthday, just leave the date in the comments below.

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