florida man october 3

Florida man October 3 – From Beers to Guns

Florida man October 3 brings you another compilation of wacky Florida Man tales. From alligators to grills, here are some of the highlights from Florida man to make the day extra fun. 


Florida Man October 3 – Florida Man Feeds Beer to Alligator 

Florida man Timothy Kepke hails from the Florida hamlet of Hobe Sound. On October 3, Police arrested him for forcing a caiman into drinking beer. Kepke also suffered a severe outcome after being bitten by the caiman. 

The Florida man’s friend Noah Osborne gave Kepke the animal, who Osborne had caught with his bare hands moments earlier. 

The drunk Florida man and his friend decided to give the caiman some beer. 

However, it wasn’t until they put alcohol in the alligator’s jaws that it bit Kepke. Despite his denials to the police, it was proved that the Florida man was drunk that day.

Florida man’s friend took many pictures of the fun-turned-misery incident, and the police used those pictures to arrest Kepke.

Kepke and Osborne received bonds of $2,500 and $5,000, respectively. The good news is the animal was not harmed and was released to wildlife authorities. 

Florida Man October 3 – Naked Florida Man Tests His Gun

Authorities said on October 3, a drunken, nude man Florida man wanted to know if his .45-caliber gun and rifle worked, so he fired into the air.

On October 3, neighbors reported hearing gunfire and contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies who arrived on the scene discovered the naked Florida man Roger Scheid, 66, inside the house.

Scheid was “naked and appeared to be inebriated,” according to reports.

Investigators discovered the guns and two spent casings. At first, the Florida man claimed to be cleaning the weapons to the deputies.

Then he replied he was making sure they functioned. Florida man was accused of discharging a weapon while intoxicated and of firing a weapon unlawfully. 

florida man october 3

Florida Man October 3 – Making Grills at Home

A Florida man was charged with making grills without the required licenses on October 3. 

The grill is a sort of dental jewelry. Typically constructed of metal, grills have a detachable jewelry structure. The Florida man was skilled at building grills, but he was jailed because he lacked the proper authorization.

Dentist Allen Turner, 26, of Florida, was charged with operating without a license on October 3. Producing grills was included in the charges as well. Florida man thought of himself as a jeweler. He was performing his job as needed, but he was unaware that what he was doing was illegal.

Florida authorities discovered the grills in Turner’s multiple homes. Turner produced the dental jewelry pieces using unique molds he developed himself. Turner admitted when the police questioned him that he had no idea grilling was prohibited.

Florida man, who calls himself a jeweler, claimed that the Florida Department of Health’s warning caused him to cease producing grills. Officials from the Florida Department of Health visited Turner’s residence and ordered him to stop producing grills on October 3. Turner admitted to following this order in his police statement.

The Florida Department of Health generated a $1,000 penalty slip. However, the state’s attorney’s office did likewise.

A few weeks later, when the state’s attorney’s office decided to file charges, Turner was detained. Unfortunately, there is no new information available regarding how the matter progressed.


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