When you dream about someone are they thinking of you

When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking of You?

Some people often ask, ‘when you dream about someone are they thinking of you?’ However, is it actually true?


What is a Dream About?

First, know in advance what a dream is and how it occurs. According to sleep health expert Alesandra Wooley, dreams are one way our brain processes emotions. Any emotions associated with individual relationships or connections can result in them appearing in dreams.

Based on the dream definition above, you can conclude that the presence of someone in your dream is precise because you are thinking about it.

When a person dreams, what takes an important role is the subconscious. So when you dream of someone, it could be that that person is an important person or an impressive individual to you. That person can be a friend, family, teacher, or even a favorite idol.

When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking of You

Another Meaning

If you’re asking, ‘when you dream about someone are they thinking of you?’, maybe this explanation might enlighten you.

A Professor of Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, Dr. John Meyer, said that when you dream of seeing the same person over and over again, there is something unfinished between you and that person.

It’s possible that without realizing it, you’ve disappointed or made a fuss with the person, and you haven’t had the time or even shame to apologize. It could also be because the person has let you down, creating a feeling of depression and sadness in you.

Dr. John Meyer adds that the way to stop the dream is to meet the person and work things out with them.

It Could Be A Dream About Someone We Met On Our Way of Life

Dreams are one of our brain’s process emotions, so any emotion associated with a relationship with someone can result in them appearing in dreams. It is said that a dream often can reveal our inner emotions and thoughts.

LeslieBeth Wish, a licensed clinical psychotherapist, says we can also enter other people’s dreams even if we haven’t seen or talked to them in years.

This can happen when someone looks at us, or a photo that looks like us talks to people who know us, or sees a character in a book or movie that makes them think of us.

This kind of thing rarely happens by chance. The more involved we are in someone’s life, the more likely we will be in their dreams.

This doesn’t mean we have to be close to them. Maybe by chance, we often meet the same person on the train on the way to work.

Even though we have never met and talked, that person can enter our dreams. So, even if a person makes the slightest impression, something about them that sparks interest or curiosity will make them appear in dreams.

It doesn’t matter who they are. They could be someone passing you on the way to work, someone who sat beside you on the train, or the famous model you saw in a magazine. If they leave an impression, they will likely appear in your dreams.

So? When you dream about someone are they thinking of you?

From what I have gathered from my research for this article it seems more that, when you dream about someone, you are thinking about them.

Maybe it is time to reach out and let someone know how you feel. Or maybe it is time to clear the air on a previous disagreement.

What are your thoughts? Do you have regular dreams about a specific person? If so let us know in the comments below.

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