do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you
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Do Your Ears Ring When Someone Is Thinking About You?

Have you ever felt your ears ringing? Do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you? What about ringing in left ear meaning? Keep reading to find out the answers to all these questions.

Everyone has experienced this at some point. Ears ringing has always been connected to a theory that somebody is thinking about you. But is it true?

Many civilizations believe that this ear-ringing phenomenon has a particular spiritual significance. If your left ear is ringing, somebody is talking bad about you, and vice versa.

Although logically, the connection between the two couldn’t be explained, ear ringing is still regarded as an omen or sign that someone is thinking or talking about you.


Ear Ringing Omen

Our ears are not immune to problems; the most common is ear ringing. This annoying feeling could happen to anyone.

Mainly, it occurs randomly. If you feel that your ears are ringing, chances are you have a health problem that’s known as tinnitus.

It’s a common health issue that may happen to adults, the elderly, and teenagers. 

Changes in the surrounding temperature or outside substance that’s entering the ears, like water, could be the most probable reasons why this health problem is happening to you. 

However, looking at it from a spiritual perspective, you’ll get a different answer. Ears ringing could mean that somebody is talking about you.

Whether good or bad, it’s not easy to find the answer. They could just be gossiping or talking behind your back.

ringing in right ear meaning

Where Did It Originate

After knowing the answer to “do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you,” now we may learn a fun fact about this phenomenon.

The history takes us back to ancient times, when Pliny, a Roman philosopher, wrote about this in his encyclopedia, better known as Natural History. 

Thanks to his dictionary, the belief was prevalent, especially in the regions where Roman culture was rooted. The belief had successfully spread worldwide for thousands of years and was carried out through many generations.

Although we can say that it’s ancient, even your friends would tell you that if your ears are ringing, that means somebody is talking things about you.

Do Your Ears Ring When Someone Is Thinking About You?

Spiritually, ears ringing could signify that someone is gossiping or thinking about you. We’ve been brainwashed by the myths that told us about this very belief.

Instinctively, humans always feel interested in anything that happens to their bodies. Some examples are we wonder why our body is shivering, our legs are trembling, or our ears are ringing.

Some beliefs highlight the significance of ears ringing. Today, people still believe it; if their ears are ringing, they would assume that somebody is talking about them.

Sometimes, when we call other people, they say, “Are your ears ringing? I’m just talking about you!”

This belief is still carried even today when it’s easier to talk about somebody else on social media. As we’ve mentioned before, some would say that ear ringing could be a good or bad omen, depending on which ear is ringing. Although, again, it’s hard to prove.

So, do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you? 

What Does It Mean When Your Left Ear Rings

If your left ear is ringing, it could be a bad omen for you. It could signify that your activity won’t go as planned or someone is bad-mouthing you.

Again, since it’s hard to prove whether it’s correct or not, we simply used the idea of what most people usually believe.

Sometimes, it can also be a way for “another being” to communicate with you. They will give you signs about bad things that will happen to you through your ear.

If you’re moving in the wrong direction or making a bad decision, a ringing left ear could be interpreted as a warning. Let us take a few examples.

If you’re meeting a branched road, ears ringing will signify that the particular road you take isn’t safe. Consider the left ear ringing as a signal, although sometimes it’s not easy to notice and realize the situation around you.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Ear Rings

Now, how about the right ear? Contrary to the left ear, the right ear ringing could signal good fortune.

Let’s say you’re applying to work in a company. If your right ear is ringing unexpectedly, you are already making a good decision. Consider these as the guardian angels that will guide you through life.

Another meaning of ear right ringing is that somebody is saying good things about you. They could be praising your success, pleasing way of life, excellent work ethic, etc. What is essential is that the speaker has good intentions.

However, continuous ear ringing could also be a serious health problem if not treated properly. So, if the symptoms are still happening, check with your doctor immediately.

ringing in left ear meaning

What May Cause Your Ears Ringing

Here are some problems you may experience when your ears ring, as quoted from the explanation of Dr. Paul Dybala, an audiologist from the University of Texas at the Healthy Hearing website.

1. Hearing a sound that is too loud for a long time can make your ears ring. Listening to music using a headset for too long can also cause bringing. If the ringing persists for too long after you hear the loud noise, see a doctor immediately, as this can cause permanent damage.

2. In people who are over 60 years old, ringing in the ears can also be a sign of decreased hearing ability or what is known as presbycusis.

3. Several diseases such as anemia, allergies, tumors, pain or injury to the head, diabetes, and thyroid gland damage can also cause ringing in the ears.

4. Cardiovascular disease can also cause ringing in the ears, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems related to blood flow. This is because the ears’ condition will worsen when the blood flow is not normal.

5. Depression, stress, and other psychological disorders may also cause this health problem.

Final Thoughts

If your right or left ear is constantly bringing, maybe it’s not time to wonder what it means. Maybe it is time to ask a doctor what it means.

Do you have any superstitions? Or had problems with ear ringing. If so, tell us about them in the comments below.

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