Best Apps To Help Your Children Learn A New Language
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Best Apps To Help Your Children Learn A New Language

When it comes to learning new languages, the sooner you get started, the better. It is starting at a young age. You can expose your children to a number of languages, but we suggest you go on her time to help you get started. We have listed down the best apps to help your children. Learn a new language.

Stories by Gus On The Go

A critically acclaimed language learning app series that can help your children learn through games and lessons. Based on storytelling. The application offers a number of basic stories that can help you learn the language and even improve your vocabulary and grammar. It includes stories such as the Three Bears, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks along with a number of other classics that your kids will love. The application is available online and can be downloaded directly onto your phone.


Duolingo is considered to be one of the best language teaching applications out there. It offers a wide range of languages to choose from starting from Spanish, French to Russian Vietnamese, Arabic, and even languages we have forgotten about. There are a number of ways children can learn new languages. They have taken one from lessons to stories, moments, adventures and so much more. The application is available on the app store and Google Play Store. Making it easily accessible through various devices.

Little Pim

A series-based collection of languages that focuses on learning videos. These videos are designed in a way that can help kids with essential building blocks of any new language. Once their basis is set they will find it easier to master the language. Additionally, by focusing on the basic grassroots of the languages your kids will develop roots that they will hold on to for the rest of their life. Moreover, the application allows you to help track your kid’s progress through the entire process and even helps Inspire them to keep ongoing. You can download the application on the Apple store, or from Google Play Store, making it an easy addition to your device.

Learning by Mindsnacks

Mindsnack basically focuses on languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese, and Portuguese. The application is based on a mini-game design that includes nine minigames that can help you or your kids learn different languages by taking on words and phrases in different languages. The application is a great choice for those looking to add a more fun-based learning experience and is not ready to take on something intense. Furthermore, the application is currently only available on the iTunes app store and can only be downloaded on Apple devices.

These are some of the best language learning applications that can help your little ones get started on a new language at an early age. Research shows that kids’ minds are like sponges, and it keeps on absorbing the information that comes their way. So why wait to help them develop skills when you can teach them from a younger age. Making sure they have skills that will be useful at any stage of their life.

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