Your First Roof Renovation? 5 Economic Rules to Follow
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Your First Roof Renovation? 5 Economic Rules to Follow

Roof renovation is an intricate and recurrent exercise with various elements to consider. The entire process demands enormous investments in time, labor and materials. However, in your checklist, you can review the dos with ideas that work well with your economic plan. This article outlines five insightful rules to help you save money on your first roof renovation project.


1.  Consult Roofing Professionals

A significant portion of your roofing budget will go to buying materials like IKO Shingles, coatings, nails, drip edges, etc. That means you need to consult a roofing expert for guidelines. The professionals give you the exact numbers and figures you need to buy. You can also let the contractor purchase the materials on your behalf.

2.  Use Home Insurance and Warranty

Most mortgage insurance policies cover roof damage, excluding causes arising from homeowners’ negligence. So, at the time of renovation, the insurer caters for replacement costs as defined in the policy. On the other hand, if you installed your roofs recently and notice leakages, you can enjoy warranty coverage. You can only spare your money if the contractor gives a warranty offer at the time of the project.

3.  Choose the Right Renovation Timing

Late summer and fall favor most home renovation projects, including roofing. At this time, roofing companies are busy, so they charge high rates. Therefore, look for experts like those at IKO Roofing during early spring and late winter to avoid unnecessary costs. In the off-season months, roof contractors are in less demand, so you have the bargaining power to get lower quotes on labor and roofing materials.

4.  Assess and Research Before Making Any Purchase

Typically, roofs have different sizes and specifications. Therefore, before heading to the hardware outlet, ask your contractor to take the roof measurements for exactness. Also, ask for the vague prices of each item to avoid exploitation through overpricing. In addition, research the labor costs, and go for contractors who offer a warranty as an added advantage.

5.  Consider Roof Recycling If Possible

The last tip for your economic goal is recycling. Here, you can reuse old roofs or other materials for renovation. In that case, you won’t buy some materials and parts. For example, you can hire roofing professionals committed to reusing asphalt shingles and save up some money.

Renovating your roof for the first time can take up your savings if you have no plan. However, the above tips make the process as economical as possible. If you do prior assessments, engage experts, use homeowners’ insurance, and recycle some materials, you run the renovation project on a budget.

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