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Tips to Make Your Outdoor Fence Anti-Climb

Climbers can be a nuisance. Occasional climbers may only occasionally climb your fence or gate, but if you have an acre of privacy that’s constantly under siege from would-be climbers, it can get frustrating. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make your outdoor fence anti-climb. Read on to learn more…


Install fences with good design.

Projecting a sharp corner can be very dangerous for climbers. This is because the only way to access the corner is by climbing the outside of your fence and then dropping it down to the inside of your yard. To make your outdoor fence anti-climb, your fence must have a sharp turn or projection. The key to this is that the sharp corner needs to be outside your fence. To prevent climbing on your fence, you want to make sure that your sharp turn is outside of your fence. This is very dangerous and will likely result in climbers falling and injuring themselves. To see your options, contact your local vinyl fencing company. They should be able to discuss all the potential options for your fence type.

Shorter is stronger.

Why is this important? If the point of access to your property is going to be the bottom of somebody’s climbing pants, then the material of the climbing pants needs to be as strong as possible. The shorter the length of the climbing pants, the thicker the material they’ll be made of. The same goes for your fence. If your fence is too tall, then climbers can simply climb all the way to the top and then drop down to the other side. If your fence is too short, then climbers will have to drop down and scramble over the top of the fence. Both of these options are very dangerous for climbers and will likely result in them falling and injuring themselves. The solution is simple—keep your fence at least 10 feet high. Anything under 5 feet is considered a “low fence,” and as low as 2.5 feet is considered a “no-fence” privacy fence. Only use a low fence if you have a very secluded property with no neighbors close by.

Search for good anti-climb products.

One of the main reasons climbers are able to climb your outdoor fence is because the margin of the fence is too low to be able to grab onto. If you want to stop climbers, you need to add some margin to your fence. And, that margin will come in the form of a good anti climb products. Many types of fence and wall treatments are designed to prevent climbing. They include: – Anti-climb paint – Anti-climb paint comes in a variety of colors, and it is typically used to paint the vertical surface of your fence. – Anti-climb mesh – Anti-climb mesh looks a lot like chicken wire, but it’s made of a thicker gauge material. It’s typically used to line the top and sides of a fence, and it’s a great way to add some margin. However, this type of fence is typically more expensive than other types of fences and may not be the best option for your property. – Surge strips – Surge strips are typically made from a rubber-like material and are installed between a fence and the concrete or brick of your property. They prevent climbers from being able to press their hands against the fence for traction.

Keep your fence maintained.

Most people associate fences with maintenance and upkeep, but this is especially important for anti-climbing fences. How to keep your fence maintained for anti-climb: – Maintain your gate – Gated fences are a great way to keep climbers out, but they are also very important for anti-climb. Maintain your gate regularly to make sure it’s working properly. If it’s broken or not functioning properly, it won’t keep your fence anti-climb. – Maintain your fence – It’s important to keep your fence maintained because this keeps it from becoming overgrown. If your fence is overgrown, climbers will have a lot more room to hide. Overgrown fencing also creates a lot more places for climbers to hide and climb.


Anti-climbing fences are a great way to keep your privacy intact, but they are also a lot more difficult to install than a standard fence. If you want to make sure your fence is anti-climb, then you’ll need to install a sharp turn or projection on the outside of your fence. You’ll also need to maintain your fence and keep it away from overgrowth. Fortunately, these tips will help make your outdoor fence anti-climb.

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