Florida Man October 9

Florida Man October 9

Florida Man October 9 brings us a compilation of weird and creepy tales that will shock you unless you live in Florida.

These are only a few examples of daily occurrences in Florida. 


Florida Man October 9 – Florida Man Threatens His Date with Machete  

Authorities in Clearwater have accused a Florida man of brandishing a knife at a lady after she declined to go on a date with him on October 9. 

Police detained Florida man Leonard Thomas, 55, after the victim reported the incident to the police.  The Florida man and the woman got into a fight, at which point he took the machete from his belt and threatened to chop the woman up. She fled and called the police, who subsequently apprehended him.

Police took the man into custody and charged him with serious assault.

Florida Man October 9 – Sets His Pickup on Fire 

A Florida man wanted more thrills from Hurricane Matthew on October 9. So he set his pickup on fire in front of Daytona Beach reporters. 

Police detained Brandon Ware for setting fire to his pickup truck and brought him to the Volusia County Jail.

The T-shirt Ware was sporting had the humorous and truthful writing, “(expletives), speeding tickets.”

Florida man passed away in his black GMC pickup at the 700 block of South Atlantic Avenue, according to the police. The TV reporter’s crew was situated in this area. Ware allegedly made several spins near the bridge’s base while driving recklessly and quickly before setting his pickup on fire, according to the police.

According to records, Ware was freed from jail Friday night after paying a $500 bond. The reason for setting it on fire was to get on television. 

Florida Man October 9

Florida Man October 9 – Florida Man Rolled Wife and Child Down the Stairs 

On October 9, a man rolled two people down some wooden stairs. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office officials disclosed that they detained a Florida man for battery involving violence and child abuse. 

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, officers took Herman Newton into custody following a fight in Canary Way. Authorities accused Newton of very significant offenses even though the reason for the conflict is unknown. 

The woman Newton shoved down the stairs provided the sheriff’s office with various details regarding the incident. The female victim claimed that the Florida man attempted to choke her by grasping her throat before pulling the teenager still in bed and lowering him to the ground.

After being thrown from her bed, the teen defended the woman with a lawnmower blade. He accidentally cut his hand in the process, though. 

Florida man pushed the mother and the teen down the wooden stairs as the quarrel heated up. The woman and teen victims had no severe wounds.

While searching the Florida man’s house, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office discovered a smoking pipe. Investigators extracted samples from the pipe and sent them for analysis. The lab confirmed the samples to contain Methamphetamine after completing the tests.

The Florida man was subsequently jailed. 


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