Changing Your Car's Oil Is Not as Hard as You Think

Changing Your Car’s Oil Is Not as Hard as You Think

Proper maintenance of your car is essential to keep it running well for a long time. Parts wear out and things go out of adjustment. A good mechanic can do the work for you but that is expensive. One of the most basic and essential parts of car maintenance is regular oil changes. This is not an especially difficult job, and if you have basic skills with tools, you can do it yourself.

It will save you money and you’ll know the job was done right. It can also be a good feeling, knowing you are caring for your vehicle. Take it step by step, and you’ll have the oil changed in no time. 


Jack the Car Up

You purchase a car, perhaps a  new Buick, GMC for sale. Keep track of the mileage and change the oil at the recommended interval.

You’ll need to get under the car, so the first thing to do is jack it up. You can use jack stands, ramps, or a hoist but make sure the car is secure and you can get under it safely. Most new cars have a plastic undertray for aerodynamic purposes. You’ll have to remove it to get to the next step.

Remove the Drain Plug

Now, it’s time to drain the old oil. First, place a drain pan, bucket, or other receptible under the car to catch the oil. Using the right-sized wrench, turn the drain plug counterclockwise until it comes out. Let the oil run out for about five minutes until it slows to a trickle. 

Remove the Oil Filter

It’s also important to change the oil filter. It’s a cylindrical-shaped part that screws in toward the bottom of the engine. Turn it counterclockwise by hand or with an oil filter wrench, and remove it.

Replace the Plug and Filter

Now it’s time to put the drain plug back on. Simply turn it clockwise to screw it in. Get it snug, but don’t overtighten it because you could damage the plug or oil pan. Take a new oil filter and with your finger, rub a light coating of fresh oil around the gasket. Then, turn clockwise until it is snug. Do not overtighten the filter either.

Add Fresh Oil

Once the plug and oil filter are firmly in place, it’s time to refill your engine oil. On the top of the engine, you will see a cap with an oil lamp symbol on it. Turn it counterclockwise and remove it. Using a funnel, add the recommended amount of oil. You can get that information from your owner’s manual as well as the recommended type of viscosity of oil. This may vary depending on the season. 

Put the cap back in place. Allow the oil to settle for several minutes, then use the dipstick to check that the level is full.

Change Oil Regularly

If there is one aspect of car maintenance that should not be neglected, it’s oil changes. With a few tools, you can do this yourself, saving money and making sure that your engine always has clean oil. 

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