Tips for Finding the Perfect Therapist

If you struggle with anxiety, then finding the right therapy is a top priority. Do you have access to many different therapists? Or do you need a therapist who understands your specific needs and can provide the support you need? You’ll want to evaluate your options carefully before choosing the right therapist. Here are tips for finding the best therapists in NYC


Ask around

Before you head to any therapists, ask around to see if anyone you know has had a good experience with them. If you have a close friend or family member who has been treated by a therapist, ask them for a referral. While this might not be the most scientific method, it can be a good starting point. If you have more specific questions, such as “Is this therapist experienced with anxiety?” or “Is this therapist licensed?” you can ask other people you know who have personal experience with the therapist.

Find a therapist’s website

Your first stop should be to find the therapist’s website. Scan the website for the therapist’s biography, qualifications, education, and any professional affiliations. You want to make sure the therapist has the experience and training necessary to treat your anxiety. If the therapist is board-certified, for example, you can be sure that they are well-trained in the field of mental health and that they are comfortable with treating your condition.

Ask your friends and family

Asking around might not be so easy if you don’t have any close friends to ask for referrals. An alternative is to ask your family and friends for a referral. Your friends and family may know of therapists they trust and are happy to suggest. Even if you don’t have many friends who struggle with anxiety, you may have one or two family members who have a good idea of who might be a good fit. If you don’t have anyone in your immediate social circle who can recommend a therapist, consider looking further afield. You can also try reaching out to therapists online to see if they are willing to meet you in person and make a telephone referral.

Determine how much you can afford

Before you meet with a therapist, you may want to think about how much you can comfortably pay for treatment. If you’re unsure, you may want to meet with a therapist who charges less and see how it goes. In some cases, you might be able to negotiate the price of therapy with your insurance provider. If your insurance is expensive and you want to pay less, you may be able to negotiate the price with your therapist.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve found a therapist that you’re interested in meeting with, schedule a time to meet with them in-person. Make sure you meet the therapist in a location that is comfortable for you. If you’re meeting with a therapist online, make sure the appointment is scheduled in a location that is convenient for both of you. If you’re meeting with a therapist who is located in another city, make sure to plan your visit around your schedule—both of you should be able to make the necessary adjustments so that you can meet in person. Now that you know how to find the best therapists in NYC, you’re well-positioned to find the right treatment for your anxiety. Make sure to ask around, find the therapist’s website, and determine how much you can afford before you meet with a therapist.

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