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Why You Need a Shower Standing Handle

Are you trying to design your bathroom to have the best shower moments? Try including shower standing handles in your bathroom for more stability and comfort. Learn more about the shower standing handle in this article. 

Shower standing handles are objects mounted on the bathroom’s walls for safety and stability due to old age or slippery floors. It is always better to be safe than sorry. In regular bathrooms, the floor may get tricky, and you might have an accident when taking a shower.

Fortunately, you can be avoide this by installing shower standing handles in the bathroom. Anyone at risk of falling in the shower due to slippery floors can obtain firm support regardless of their standing position. There are many shower standing handles, each with various satisfying requirements. 


The Benefit of a Shower Standing Handle

When using a bathroom with slippery or tiled floors, elderly people risk falling and sustaining severe injuries. Installing shower standing handles helps such people attain stability and prevents such accidents. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, more than three million elderly people fall in their bathrooms every year. So, people vulnerable to falling are advised to install shower standing handles to prevent accidents.

Younger people are also vulnerable to falling due to slippery floors when taking a shower or in the bathroom. A bathroom having a shower standing handle enables them to be safe as they can hold on to it as they walk out. It can also help when changing position in the shower to avoid tripling.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Shower Standing Handles

When selecting shower standing handles, people have different needs. The following are some of the things you should note when shopping for a shower standing handle. 


Size is an essential factor when shopping for shower standing handles. You must ensure it is compatible with the size of your bathroom to serve its purpose effectively. It must not hinder the shower door. The best way to find a compatible size is by measuring your bathroom size than measuring the shower standing handle you have to choose. The dimensions must be of your preference.

Shower Standing Handle


There are many styles of shower standing handles. They include traditional grab bars, poles with handles, curved handles, etc. Suppose you want to maintain your bathroom’s style. Make sure you choose the style compatible with it. 


The materials used to create these handles differ. The most commonly used material is stainless steel because it features a fine texture and is durable. Other materials include vinyl and plastic. Each material has varing difficulty when it comes to cleaning. For example, stainless steel shower standing handles are easier to clean than other materials. Some shower standing handles may also come with antimicrobial layers that make them easy to clean. 

The material used also determines the comfort level of the handle. Choose a material that is comfortable to handle when using the bathroom. It must not have any adverse reactions on your skin as it is something that must serve you daily. Some come with soft grip material such as gel padding to ensure the shower standing handles do not dig your skin.

Weight Capacity 

The shower standing handles you chose must support your weight unconditionally. Most shower standing handles are made to handle 150 to 300 pounds. Always makes sure you give it a higher limit to avoid unforeseen accidents. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, choose a shower standing handle with more weight capacity, such as 200 pounds.

Method Of Installation 

Shower standing handles come with different installation methods. These methods include a wall mount, adhesive, or suction cup. A wall mount is a permanent installation method. It is perfect for remodeling the bathroom and provides the most incredible support. Adhesive installation is effective in wet areas of the bathroom, such as below the shower head. Suction cups are the cheapest and can be used in different bathrooms but they are temporary and do not support as much weight. So, choose a shower standing handle depending on your installation preference.

How To Install Shower Standing Handles

This is only meant for handles installed through wall mounting. Other types, such as adhesive and suction cups, are easy to install. 

To install permanent shower standing handles, you must have a special tool kit and some carpentry skills. The tools vary depending on the situation of your bathroom. They include a level, power drill, stud finder, and tile cutting device. 

Hiring A Carpenter 

If you don’t have the right tools or are disabled, the best method is to hire a handyman or a carpenter to do the work for you. The skilled person will know what to do; hence there is no need to guide them.  

Doing It Yourself 

If you are installing the shower standing handles yourself, make sure you follow the instructions carefully to avoid accidents. Most rails come as a complete set with everything you need for installation, such as flanges and screws. When installing the shower standing handles 

  • Locate the studs on the bathroom walls 
  • Use a marker to make some marks according to the side of the handle 
  • Drill holes into the stud
  • Attach a mount to the drilled holes 
  • Secure the handles as directed and makes rue it is firm.

The Bottom Line 

Although anyone can use shower standing handles, they greatly help older people since they are more prone to accidents. However, anyone can slip in the bathroom, so they make a great addition to any bathroom.

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