Pumps' Throughout the Years History

Pumps’ Throughout the Years History

Among the most important inventions in the history of humankind are pumps. These have been used to pump water, move fuel, and even make life easier. This article examines the history of these pumps and their advancements over the years.


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are an essential component of many industries. They have a simple design and can be used in many applications. However, there are certain factors that you should consider before purchasing a centrifugal pump.

For example, the pressure inside a line can surge, leading to overheating of the pump. Another factor is cavitation. This occurs when the net positive suction head of the system is too low for the selected pump. It can cause severe damage to the impeller.

When selecting a pump, you must first consider the amount of flow you need. Flow control options for centrifugal pumps vary depending on the application. The flow rate is usually proportional to the speed of the shaft. A higher flow rate means greater efficiency. For all your pumping requirements, Thompson Pump has a vast global network of dealers and distributors.

Archimedes Screw

The Archimedes screw is a type of positive displacement pump. This means it can trap the fluid at the source and force it to discharge at the desired location.

It is used in various applications, including agricultural irrigation and water transport. It is also found in power drills, crop harvesters, and snow blowers.

There are many different types of Archimedes screws. A typical design is a spiral within a hollow tube. Depending on the amount of material being moved, the pitch of the thread can vary. Generally, it is best to use a higher rise for liquids than solids.

Archimedes screw is usually used to move a large volume of water from a lower source to a higher one. The thread of the screw is inserted into the body of the fluid to accomplish this. The liquid is pulled up through the spiral each time it is turned.

Ktesivius Force Pump

A force pump is a fancy way to say a water-lifting device. It’s a complicated apparatus primarily made from bronze. The most sophisticated of the force pumps were constructed in Egypt two millennia before the Industrial Revolution.

This device was used to lift the water up vertical surfaces. It had some impressive feats of engineering, including a swiveling nozzle, a lever-actuated valve, and several connecting rods, each 180 degrees apart. Interestingly, the most efficient type of pump was a double-sided piston design. The bottom piston was a single-cylinder pump, and the top piston was a swivel-actuated one.

Ctesibius of Alexandria is known for several notable inventions, including the hydraulis, a pipe organ. He also wrote the first treatise on pneumatics. His hypomnemata Mechanica compiled his research.

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