Tips on Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

Tips on Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

Your choice of plastic surgeon will determine whether you end up with an enhanced appearance for years to come or lead to heartache and additional surgery costs, with patients often opting to avoid the latter. Due to the influx of surgeons in this field, getting the right expert will usually not be about the cost, with traits such as expertise often setting apart inexperienced doctors from the professionals. So what should you look for in your cosmetic surgeon?


Check Your Surgeon’s Experience

Word of mouth is not enough to verify your surgeon’s expertise, with experience often acting as proof to back their certification. Surgeons such as Joel Aronowitz, MD showcase their expertise through patient testimonials, allowing you to review the client’s experience. Additionally, your surgeon needs to have performed the procedure numerous times over the years, allowing them to grasp different skills and techniques for performing the surgery.

Ensure That Your Surgeon Is a Good Fit

Unfortunately, not all professionals will match your goals and vision for your procedure. For starters, pay attention to whether your surgeon understands the purpose of your preferred procedure. Do they make you feel safe during your consultation? Do they seem rushed during your visits? Additionally, check if the before and after photos of former patients match the results you are looking for. Consistency will be critical in these results, with any inconsistencies likely to cause concern about the outcome of your preferred procedure. Based on these, consider if your surgeon will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Be On the Lookout for Board Certified Experts

Unknown to many, the law does not require cosmetic surgeons to be trained in the surgeries they offer. This means that general doctors can add cosmetic surgery to their credentials without legal consequences, increasing your risk of getting subpar care. Fortunately, you can identify if your doctor is a trained expert in their field by searching the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Website. This board ensures that surgeons are trained and have a certification to showcase their skill and level of expertise, allowing you to receive the best care.

Ask About the Operating Facility

Another tip to keep in mind to help you get the best care will be reviewing the facility of operation. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that all procedures using significant anesthesia be conducted in accredited facilities. This will be critical in ensuring that you get the right personnel and that all equipment used is safe and regulated by state and federal guidelines. A few areas where you can confirm your facility’s legitimacy are agencies such as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and the Joint Commission.

Pay Attention to the Staff

The staff in any medical facility will often indicate the type of care you expect to receive. Is the staff friendly, and do they treat you well? Do they offer timely replies when you call? How do they interact amongst themselves? Based on your observations, you will likely know the kind of customer service to expect during and after your surgery, with any red flags pointing to negligent care.  

Choosing your plastic surgeon will be essential in helping you get results that make you feel more confident in your looks, which is why vetting your doctor beforehand would be ideal. Consider tips such as checking their certification, the facility of operation, and if they match your aesthetics. These will give you the go-ahead on whether or not to entrust your surgeon with your procedure.

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