4 Family Activities After Moving to Greensboro, NC With Young Kids
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4 Family Activities After Moving to Greensboro, NC With Young Kids

Your family is at the center of your why. You may find that your current residence lacks the culture you’re looking for or perhaps the weather is far too excruciating. Despite your reason for moving onto the greener pastures of Greensboro, North Carolina, you will want your family to feel secure and not like a nomadic tribe meandering in a dry wilderness. Here are four activities to do as a group so that your move feels more rooted than rootless.


Find Healthcare

The health and well-being of your family is very important of course. This means getting connected immediately to healthcare providers. You will want to find a primary care physician and a dentist Greensboro NC office within the first 60 days of moving. Perhaps you are in need of something significant like dental implants so it’s important to establish a professional to do this procedure. These professionals will be your first line in defending the hearts, minds, and mouths of your household, so do your best to establish a relationship early. They are even able to help with securing medical or dental records which are required for school enrollment and certain employment positions.

Find Resources

Early childhood education research indicates that a well-functioning family has the support not only of each other in the home, but also support in the form of community resources for times of need. The Early Childhood Center of Greensboro provides parenting classes in childhood physical and emotional development, which can help ameliorate behavioral concerns that may arise from a stressful relocation. Moreover, you will also have access to learning the typical growth milestones for your children and potentially receive help with family service referrals.

Find Empathy

Your young ones will likely struggle with change, particularly if they are of school age. Practice the ability to empathize with their situation, put yourself in their shoes, and deploy a ton of acceptance. They will need to understand that while moving can be a temporary disruption to life, the home is wherever the family is. Furthermore, try to create one or two new memories that will help establish new traditions in Greensboro. Many cultural activities are underway within the Greensboro Cultural Center. Pick a time when everyone is free to join in the local festivities.

Find People

A safe neighborhood is a communicative one. Living in isolation in a new place is not the best way to acclimate oneself. Instead, take your family out for walks in the neighborhood. Be of assistance to your elderly or homebound neighbors, sharing with them and getting to know them better. For the health of everyone, open lines of communication will enable the rendering of contentment and a reduction of harm.

Moving to a new city or state is an overwhelming venture. To instigate future success, the head of the household will need to be present and accountable for establishing new roots and maintaining existing ones. Don’t forget to include the whole family’s desires in age-appropriate aspects of the move, even if everyone is not completely on board. Together, the mission of the family coexisting happily will be the motivation for enduring this hardship. 

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